Cold Mezza

Hummos, Moutabal, Tabbouleh, Fattouch, Pickles & Olives
 Oriental Labneh with Vegetables
Wine Leaves in Oil
Chanklish with its Mixture of Parsley Tomato & Onions
Fine Cube of Feta Cheese Topped with Olive & Cherry Tomato
 Rocca & Beetroot Salad Topped with Mouchalaleh Cheese
Grilled Fish Filet dipped in Tomato & Vegetables in a Hot Sauce
Grilled Fish Filet in Tajin Sauce & Sour Orange Topped with Nuts
Armenian Bresaola with Zaatar
 Hindbeh in Oil Topped with Caramelized Onion
 Eggplant Caviar with a Mixture of Seasonal Vegetables

Hot Mezza

Fried Kibbeh, Meat Samboussek, Cheese Samboussek, Spinach Fatayer
Makanek in Debs El Rouman
 Chicken Liver in Lemon Sauce & Debs El Rouman
Potato with Coriander in a Hot Spicy sauce
Beef Shawarma with its Condiments

Main Dish

Duo of Chicken Roulade and Beef served with Wedge Potatoes and Grilled Tomatoes. 


Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut